McKeon & McGrann

Company Names, addresses, dates:
  McKeon & McGrann, (18??-1852)1
  John McKeon, South side B North between 2nd & 3d West, (1852-1856) 1,2,3


  John McKeon and James McGrann

I have been unable to find much information about McKeon & McGrann, including when they started.
McKeon & McGrann broke up on April 13th, 1852, and John McKeon became the sole proprietor1.

  John McKeon

John McKeon ran the business from 1852 to 1856.
There is a "J. M. McKeon" (b. 1820 in Ireland) listed as a DC resident in the 1860 census, although his occupation at that time was "disabled soldier", so I'm not sure if he's the right J McKeon.
John McKeon sold the machinery, bottles, fixtures, etc from his Mineral Water Factory to William N.H. Maack on June 30th, 18562. Maack announced he would supply the public the best porter, ale, cider and mineral water at his facility at the corner of 4 1/2 and N Streets.

  James McGrann

The 1880 census says James McGrann was a restaurant keeper, born about 1819 in Ireland. I'm not certain that this is the same James McGrann who was teamed up with McKeon though. In any case, there was a James McGrann who was a restaurant/saloon owner at the following dates & addresses:
  James McGrann, North side Pa Ave, between 2nd and 3rd West (1850)
  James McGrann, 179 Pa Ave (1862-1867)
  James McGrann, 1704 Pa Ave NW (1874-1885)

McKeon & McGrann Bottles:

mckeon_03 book # 414
This is a blue 8.4" torpedo embossed:
front: McKEON & McGRANN
mckeon_04 book # 414
This bottle is embossed the same as the one above, but it's green. It's an 8.0" torpedo embossed:
front: McKEON & McGRANN

McKeon Bottles:
mckeon_01 book # 412
This is an 8.8" emerald green torepedo bottle embossed:
front: McKEON
mckeon_02 book # 413
This is a 7.3" green short blob-top bottle with an iron pontil scar on the base. It is embossed:

McGrann Bottles:
mcgrann_01 This is NOT a soda bottle - it held some type of liquor. It's also not nearly as old as the other bottles on this page. It was from McGrann's Saloon, somewhere in the 1874-1888 time period. It's a 6.1" clear liquore bottle embossed:
front: MCGRANN'S / 1704 Penna Ave N.W. / WASHINGTON, D.C.
base: W P G Co

Here are some photos of the above torpedos with some back-lighting:

Here's the iron pontil scar on the green short blob-top:

1 Daily National Intelligencer (Washington DC), June 23 1852 page3
2 Daily National Intelligencer (Washington DC), June 30 1856 page2
3 Boyd's Directory for the District of Columbia (1853)

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