Company Names, addresses, dates1:
  Raedy & Walsh , 703-705 N Capitol (1886-1887)
  Thomas D. Harper , 703-705 N Capitol (1887-1889)
  Philip Best Brewing Co, 701 N Capitol (1887-1889)
  Pabst Brewing Co, 703-705 N Capitol (1890-1917)

This is Pabst Brewing Company's Washington DC branch. Newspaper ads from 1910, 1911 and 1914 list their beer as "Pabst Milwaukee beer", "Pabst Blue Ribbon", and "Pabst Red White & Blue" beer respectively. Phone number was Lincoln 1431 2


pabst_01 book # 483
This is an aqua 9.3" baltimore loop top bottle embossed:
in circle: ('B' superimposed over a hops leaf) / TRADE MARK
below circle in script: P. B. Co. / Washington, D.C. / Registered
pabst_02 book # 484
These are BIM crown-top bottles. The left one is 9.25" aqua, the center is 9.5" light-amber, and the right is 9.25" dark amber. They are all 3 embossed:
in circle: ('B' superimposed over a hops leaf) / TRADE MARK
below circle in script: P. B. Co. / Washington, D.C. / Registered
pabst_04 book # 489
This bottle is a 9.5" aqua crown top embossed:
inside large circle: PABST / ('B' superimposed on hops) / TRADE MARK / MILWAUKEE
below circle in script: Registered
base: A B Co / 1374 / 5
label: (see below)
pabst_label_01 This is a close-up of the label from the bottle above. It says:
label inside circle: PABST / ('B' superimposed on hops) / TRADE MARK / BOH BRAND BEER / MILWAUKEE
label left of circle: GUARANTEED / BY / PABST BREWING / CO
label right of circle: UNDER THE FOOD / AND DRUGS ACT / JUNE 30th 1906 / SERIAL No 1921.

Other Items:
pbr_1 This is an old ad from the Washington Star newspaper, August 5th 1906. It touts the cleanliness of the Pabst brewery.
pbr_2 This is an old ad. I don't know if it was from a newspaper or a magazine. It mentions the sales from 1893, so it's probably from 1894.
harper_1887 This is an advertisement from the 1887 book "Washington Hisorical sketches of the Capital City of our Country", by John P. Coffin. The Philip Best brewing company was the predecessor to Pabst. The book says the building was supplied with steam power and the best modern-improved machinery. It also said that 22 hands were employed and 7 teams were kept busy delivering. 3
pabst_05 This is a letter postmarked 1955 from the Alexandria Distributors for PBR. No evidence that they bottled the beer, only distributed it. The letter says:
Upper left: After 5 days, return to / ALEXANDRIA DISTRIBUTING CO. / 715 North St. Asaph Street / ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA / (Pabst Blue Ribbon logo)

1 Boyd's Directory for the District of Columbia (various years)
2 Advertisements in the Washington Star newspaper between 1905 and 1914
3 Washington Historical sketches of the City of our Country by John P. Coffin

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