John M. Roseberry

Company Names, addresses, dates:1
    J.M. Roseberry & Co, King & Payne Streets, Alexandria VA (18??-1855)
    J.M. Roseberry, King & Payne Streets, Alexandria VA (1855-18??)

An article in the February 8, 1855 edition of the Alexandria Gazette announced that the partnership of "J.M. Roseberry & Co." was being disolved, and that the company was now in the hands of "J.M. Roseberry". The names at the end of the article were "John M. Roseberry", and "G.A. Cook", so I presume that means Mr. Cook was the "& Co." G.A. Cook seems to have been the agent for R.P. Cook in 1855.
In July of 1857, Roseberry took out ads in the Alexandria Gazette listing his mineral water establishment for sale, including ""Mineral water apparatus, bottles, wagons, dray, horses, harness, with all the fixtures of modern improvement that belong to the business".
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roseberry_01 book # 605
This is a 6.75" dark-green squat bottle with an iron pontil scar on the base. The embossing has been painted white to make it stand out. The bottle is embossed:

1 Alexandria Gazette, 2/8/1855 page 3

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