P.R. Jones

Company Names, addresses, dates:
  P.R. Jones, Main Street, Danville VA
  Jones Temple Pharmacy, Masonic Temple, Main Street, Danville VA

The bottles below do not have the proprietors initials, only the name "Jones". Presumably it was from Pleasant Richard Jones, who had a drugstore in Danville on the corner of Main and Market Streets in 1879, and at 408 Main street in 19021.


jones_01 These are clear 4.3" (2 oz) & 3.7" (1 oz) bottles embossed:
horizontal: 3ii (or 3i) / Jones
base (left bottle): W T CO / B / U S A
base (right bottle): W T CO / A / U S A

Other Items:
jones_02 This postcard is postmarked 1908, and it depicts the Masonic Temple that was built in 1920 and burned down in 1920. The lower right portion of the temple that has a sign that says "JONES TEMPLE PHARMACY". According to rdricketts blog, that location used to be Henry A. Wiseman's , Temple Pharmacy, until it was sold to P.R. Jones and sons about 1905.

1 Early Danville Drugstores on rdricketts blog.

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