Henke & Maack

Company Names, addresses, dates:
  Henke & Maack, Corner Olive & Green Sts, Georgetown DC (1850-1853) 1,2

William N.H. Maack (1817-1904)3 and Louis Henke took over the mineral water & vinegar factory at Olive and Green streets in Georgetown on August 21st 18501.
On Apr 15, 1851, Henke & Maack announced they had renovated their whole mineral water apparatus 4. The announcement also had a request for "3 boys, colored, slaves preferred". It also said they had a large supply of vinegar on hand - my guess is that they stopped manufacturing vinegar at this time, as I've found no mention of vinegar from their company after this.
On January 10th, 1853, Henke & Maack announced they had disolved their partnership, and that Maack would continue the business and pay off all their debts3. I don't know how long Maack was the sole proprietor, but on June 27th of that same year (1853) there is a want ad for a horse from Maack & Arny at Olive and Green streets 11, so apparently Maack had quickly teamed up with Charles Arny.


henke_02 book # 292
This is a dark-green 9" torpedo-shaped bottle embossed:
front: HENKE & MAACK

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2 National Intelligencer Newspaper article, Jan 14, 1853 p.1
3 Washington Star Nov 15, 1904; obituary for Wm N H Maack
4 National Intelligencer Newspaper article, Apr 19, 1851 p.1

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