Warfield & Hall

Company Names, addresses, dates:1,4
  Warfield & Hall, 62 Prince Street, Alexandria VA (1867)
  Warfield & Hall, 300 Prince Street (or SW corner Fairfax & Prince), Alexandria VA (1875-1906)
  Warfield, Frank, 300 Prince Street (or SW corner Fairfax & Prince), Alexandria VA (1907-1928)

  Warfield, A.A., 152 King Street, Alexandria VA (18??-1887)
  Warfield, A.A., 604 King Street, Alexandria VA (1888-?)

  Edgar Warfield Jr, 501 King Street, Alexandria VA (c.1897-1940)
  Warfield's Drug Store, 501 King Street, Alexandria VA (1942-1952)

Chataignes 1888/1889 directory of Alexandria lists Warfield & Hall at 300 Prince Street1. A City directory from 1867 lists them at 62 Prince Street2. From Comparing the modern day street numbers to the older street numbers shown on an 1885 Sanborn Map3, it appears that those 2 addresses are referring to the same location.
John A Dienelt shows up at that address (300 Prince) in 1932, then the Belle Haven Pharmacy shows there in 1934, then it not longer shows up in the directories as a drug store.
Warfield & Hall was made up of Edgar Warfield and William J. Hall. That drugstore seems to have been taken over in 1907 by Frank Warfield.
Edgar Warfield's son, Edgar Warfield Jr., started a separate drugstore sometime on-or-before 1897 (I don't have access to Alexandria directories for every year, but Edgar Jr was listed in 1897 and he was not listed in 1888, so he probably started somewhere in between those years).
I don't have any bottles from A.A. Warfield, but he was also a druggist - he was the successor to Janney & Co at 152 King Street5. That address would be modern day 604 King Street3. By 1897, Claude Lennon was the druggist at that address, where he stayed until at least 1908.

Warfield & Hall Bottles:

warfield_01 book # 599 (in medicines section)
Clear 4.5" bottle embossed:
vertical: (mortar & pestle) WARFIELD & HALL / DRUGGISTS / ALEXANDRIA VA
base: WT&CO / PAT JAN 5 1892
warfield_06 book # (unlisted)
Clear 3.5" bottle embossed:
warfield_05 book # 600 (in medicines section)
Clear 4.2" bottle embossed:
horizontal in fancy slugplate: WARFIELD & HALL / DRUGGISTS / ALEXANDRIA, VA.
base: WT&CO / C USA

Edgar Warfield Jr Bottles:
warfield_03 book # 596 (in medicines section)
Clear 5.5" bottle embossed:
vertical in block letters : EDGAR WARFIELD, JR
vertical: ALEXANDRIA, VA.
warfield_04 book # 596 (in medicines section)
Clear 3.7" bottle embossed:
warfield_08 book # (unlisted)
This is a clear 3.2" bottle with an unusual slopped neck, embossed:

Other Items:
warfield_02 This photo (taken Dec 2009) is of the building that stands at 300 Prince Street today, where Warfield & Hall's drugstore was at.
warfield_07 This postcard appears to be from the 1920s, based on the look of the automobiles. I beleive the drug store on the right side was E.J. Warfields at 501 King Street. This is based on the fact that I saw old newspaper ads for W.T. Farley's Clothing store (depicted on the left side of the street) which listed it's address at 500 King Street.
warfield_09 This is a photo from a booklet commemorating the 1949 Bicentennial of the city of Alexandria. It depicts Warfield's Drug store on the right. Appears to be the same building that is depicted in the post card above, corraborating that that is indeed Warfield's drugstore on that postcard.

1 Chataignes 1888 directory of Alexandria VA
2 Boyds Directory of Washington DC & Alexandria VA, 1867
3 Sanborn Map & Publishing Company, map of Alexandria VA July 1885
4 Various city directories & phone books
5 Court case "CFF76 M" digitized records, page 210, containing receipt of A.A. Warfield co

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