Washington DC Pre-Prohibition Brewers
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About this page:
    These are pre-prohibition brewers from Washington DC, Alexandria VA & Arlington VA
    This is not a complete list of brewers - it's only the ones I have bottles for
    This list does not include out-of-town breweries whose beer was bottled in DC (e.g. Anheuser-Busch)

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1850      1860      1870      1880     1890      1900      1910      1920
                                               XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX   Abner-Drury Brewery 
                      XXXXXXXX                                        Arlington Brewery   
                                                    XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX  Arlington Brewing Co (Arlington VA)  
                                               XXXXX                  Consumers Brewery (Arlington VA)  
                                                       XXXXX          Danhakl, Anton
                XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX                                     Dickson, Christopher
               X                                                      Eisenbess & Seitz   
             XX                                                       Grambush, Alexander & Co
                         XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX  Christian Heurich Brewery  
                     XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX                                 Kernwein, George  
        XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX                                      Kozel, John  
                X                                                     Luber, Leonard   
          XXXXXXXX                                                    Maack, William N.H.   
              XXX                                                     Miller, A.  
                XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX                                       Nass, John  
                                        XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX   National Capitol Brewing Co  
               XX                                                     Pogensee (Alexandria VA) 
              XXXX                                                    Schnell, George  
                                       XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX   Washington Brewery Co   
               XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX                                       Zanner, William  
1850      1860      1870      1880     1890      1900      1910      1920

1 Years of operation may not be exact - I derived them from a combination of city directories, newspaper ads/articles, the book "American Breweries III" by Dale P. Van Wieren, & the book "Capital Beer" by Garrett Peck.

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