Washington DC Early Soda Manufacturers
with Timeline

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    These are early soda manufacturers/bottlers from Washington DC.

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1830      1840      1850      1860     1870
                        xxxxxxxxx         Arny & Shinn  
                                    xx    Baldwin & Leitch  
                            xx            Bosse, Wm.  
                                xxxxxx    Crowley & Coleman  
                                    x     Daley, James
          xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx                 Favier, A.  
                    xxxx                  Henke & Maack  
                                  x       Keyser, P.L.  
                        xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Maack, Wm.N.H.  
                       xx                 Maack & Arny  
                                  x       Magee, James H.
                     xx                   McKeon & McGrann  
                      xxxxx               McKeon, John  
                                    x     Milburn's Polar Soda Water
                                 xxx      Miller, A.  
                                      x   Otto, Geo.  
                                  xxxx    Ross & Otto  
             xxxxxxxx                     Rother, J.  
                                 xxxxxxxx Shinn, R.A.  
                                x         Tailor, Elijah
                                 xxxx     Walsh, Ed.  
                                       xx Whitney & Landers  
1830      1840      1850      1860     1870

1 Years of operation may not be exact - I derived them from a combination of city directories, and newspaper ads/articles

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